Monday, April 04, 2005

The New World Order & The National Security Strategy marching on

It looks like President Bush and the group holding the US reigns of power will be getting their wish of yet another card falling in the Middle East and yet another 'liberation' success story.

After the 'Purple Revolution' and the 'Cedar Revolution' , we will have the " Syrian Spring PART II" keep watching it promises to be interesting. Look at who has been enouraged to rear its head, none other that our dear Islamists . Whenever dear freedom- loving America meddles these people get in power or am making the wrong conclusions ?

I am going to copy paste a comment for Karfan & friend blog on his most recent post Myth no. 7. Sorry if I'm unwittingly breaking any copyright laws , but I thought this piece of writing was pure genius.

"The biggest danger in the world today is the unchecked power of the US. The extent of this danger will appear when the US economy will start lagging behind (and it will as all economies have ups & downs). President Bush has started an inevitable trend that will only get worse as long as the US power is unchallanged. So expect more redness of neck in the next few decades as America's self interest will show its ugly head.The second biggest danger to the world is the vulnarability of prosperous liberal democracies to terrorism. Bin Laden is again the begining of a trend that will be more sophisticated with time and will not be limited to Islamic radicals.What adds water to the mud is the merging of interest between the terrorists and the rednecks, both using each other as an excuse to escalate of conflict.So what does this have to with Syria? Well, we live a similar situation where the regime is too powerful to be challanged and the only contender being a radical muslim revolution. As the regime discovers that really can do what it wants it gets more and more corrupt. While at the same time it justifies its actions as a protector of society against the Islamic invasion. Radical muslims on the other hand use regime actions as their recruitement platform.In order to break this pattern we need to deal with these dangers as 2 enemies of freedom and democracy rather than deciding which side we lie on. We have to define a 3rd way. We dont want Coke, we dont want Pepsi, we want 7UP.Sounds like we are doomed :) "

I believe it echos what Big Pharaoh ( see post Bye America Hello Israel dated April 3rd &Muslim Brotherhood flexes muscles 27th March) in which he basically says that he doesn't want Mubarak removed because that will destabilise the country , Egyptiansandmonkey also thinks the same here. Also Liminal from Shlonkom Bakazay has blogged along the same idea more or less in his aptly named 'Enough of the Axis of Hypocrisy!'

So my question is why the White House is trying to prevent Arabs from keeping or getting rid of their presidents or whatever under such a time as is favourable? Is it because some 'leaders' are more stooges and puppets that others ? or is the puppeteer fed up with them and wants another more suitable puppet and to hell with the safety of our countries (viz. Iraq ). We demand to make our own choices !